Our Team is made up of young professionals with innovative ideas and the energy to make things happen! Most of our members has more than 10 years of experience in mobile content industry. Each member of our Team brings special skills to the table. Whether a project requires skills in programming, graphics design, marketing, game concept, or customer service, the ZGroup Mobile's Team is prepared to tackle the project and come up with creative solutions.

Vision & Value

At ZGroup Mobile, it's not just what we do that sets us apart from the rest, it's how we do it. We've developed a culture of taking challenges head on. Our projects push us to utilize our skills and knowledge to the maximum extent and keep us on top of our competitors. We not only concentrate on company growth, we also care about the growth and development of each member of our team.

ZGroup Mobile takes mobile gaming and mobile entertainment to the next step! Our past and current projects speak for themselves. We were pioneer in mobile content area and we are innovating on content creation and distribution methods. From developing a game to building a platform to integrating mobile content and catalogue's into customer platform, ZGroup Mobile represents the newest generation and the latest trends in Mobile entertainment.


ZGroup Mobile has extensive experience in various sectors of the mobile entertainment and continues to expand. With the persistent growth of the mobile content market (Apps, games, ringtones, videos and more), one cannot ignore or oversee such big market with huge potential. Our aim is to serve clients worldwide (across operators and appstores) on all platforms (android, iPhone, Java, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile) with all mobile content so that the mobile experience is a fun and rewarding one.