News 2015

28-10-2015 We signed an agreement with an OEM to prepare a new appstore with content for their handsets. The appstore will be targeted for kids and the appstore will be installed on tablets for kids.

18-10-2015 Our mobile content will be available through a new channel in Russia. Currently it's available on Megafon and other operators will follow soon.

30-09-2015 Currently more than half of our videos are available in HD mode. There's a greater demand for high quality videos with the increase of resolution for most mobile phones.

06-09-2015 We signed a distribution agreement for Romania to offer our mobile games/apps on Android and Java platforms. The deal will also be extended after three months to include mobile ringtones, wallpapers and videos.

12-08-2015 Our appstore based on flat fee subscription is getting lot of attention from many partners worldwide. We signed multiple NDAs with partners in South America and Africa in the past month and we are exploring the model and feasibility in their respective markets. We expect to see some of those stores available by the end of the year.

23-08-2015 We have signed an agreement with a new distributor in New Zealand for the distribution of our mobile apps and games.

12-08-2015 We increased our catalogue of Spanish mobile games/apps to include now more than 100,000 titles!

02-08-2015 We have signed an agreement with a new distributor in Turkey for the distribution of our mobile apps and games. Our mobile content will be mostly available on Turkcell.

29-07-2015 Our content will be available soon in Guatemala on operators Tigo, Claro and Movistar.

11-07-2015 We signed a distribution agreement with a company in Singapore that will cover the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

27-06-2015 Our mobile games/apps in Arabic are ready to be included and used in EID Al Fitr.

22-06-2015 Our mobile content will be available soon on a new channel in the Philippines. The deal will include both operators Smart and Globe.

08-06-2015 Our flat fee subscription appstore now supports a pointing system. The end-users can buy and get points in their accounts. The pointing system will be used to reward active users, loyal users or users who have got high scores in some games! Let the real gaming begin!

26-05-2015 Our new content for Ramadan is ready!

29-04-2015 Our flat fee appstore is also available now on iOS. Only users who have jailbroken devices will be able to use our store. For a demo please contact us and provide us with your UDID so that we can send you a binary to install and test on your device.

11-04-2015 We have signed an agreement with a partner in Indonesia.

14-03-2015 We have created a new category of high quality Android titles to make it easier for our partners to choose from. Our partners have highlighted lot of difficulties in choosing content from our huge catalogue. Now we are presenting a new catalogue of about 10,000 titles that have achieved more than 10,000 downloads in the past month! We hope this catalogue will be more focused and make it easier for partners to choose content.

31-03-2015 We signed a distribution agreement with a Greeke company to distribute our mobile content on Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind.

14-03-2015 Although the UK is a very competitive market when it comes to mobile content, but with our high quality content and wise pricing, we were able to sign multiple deals with operators O2 and Vodafone through a local company.

03-03-2015 Our mobile content will be soon available for users on MTN and Airtel Zambia.

23-02-2015 We updated our wrapper solution and added new features. The new features allow to targeted ads, depending on the profile of each user and their history.

15-02-2015 The Pakistani market is very promising and expanding rapidly. In order to focus on this market we signed several distribution agreements with big distributors to cover operators such as Mobilink, Telenor, Zong and Ufone.

10-02-2015 A new deal has been signed with a distributor in Italy to provide our mobile content there. The deal includes both new high quality content and some new content in high demand there, such as HTML5 games/apps.

03-02-2015 We are updating our catalogues on a bi-monthly basis. Please note that you can find samples of our new ringtones, videos, wallpapers at

23-01-2015 Users of Vodafone, Airtel and Tigo in Tanzania are able now to access our huge catalogue of mobile games/apps, ringtones, wallpapers, videos and themes. The new deal focuses on sport and racing titles plus branded videos and top billboard songs.

20-01-2015 Our catalogue of mobile content now exceeds 850,000 mobile games/apps on multiple platforms. Android makes up more than half of that.

05-01-2015 Finalized a new payment gateway for the appstore in India. We will be using mobile operators payment gateways plus scratch cards.

News 2014

25-12-2014 ZGroup Mobile and all of its staff wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

19-12-2014 We signed an agreement with a distributor in South America which will cover countries like Chile, Columbia, Peru and Uruguay. The distribution will cover the biggest operators in these countries such as Movistar, Entel, Claro, Tigo and Antel.

03-12-2014 A deal to cover operators Claro, Tim, Oi in Brazil has been signed and began for the Christmas season!

27-11-2014 We have signed an agreement with a new distributor in Australia for the distribution of our mobile apps and games.

17-11-2014 More of our mobile content will be offered in KSA on operators STC, Mobily and Zain.

05-11-2014 The first store available on a flat subscription fee basis has been launched in India. This involove a public company listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

29-10-2014 More mobile games/apps are available on Zain and Ooredoo in Kuwait.

22-10-2014 We have finalized a new business model for a mobile appstore that is available on flat subscription fee basis.

14-10-2014 A deal has been signed to provide mobile games and apps on the Android platform for an appstore in the USA. We will be providing the store with more than 10,000 high quality games/apps.

23-09-2014 Our content will be distributed on Iraq @ Zain, Asia Cell and Korek. The deal covers mobile apps and games on Android and Java, plus branded Arabic ringtones.

05-09-2014 A new distribution deal is now active in Ghana. Content will be distributed on MTN, Vodafone, Airtel and soon on Tigo.

18-08-2014 6 new custom/re-branded Android games were delivered to a partner in South Africa for exclusive distribution.

01-08-2014 A distribution deal has been signed for Vietnam on Viettel Mobile, MobiFone, VinaPhone, S-Fone and Beeline to distribute our mobile content such as mobile games, apps, wallpapers and ringtones.

16-07-2014 Our new catalogues of Whatsapp wallpapers/stickers will be available for distribution on all operators in Singapore.

10-06-2014 We signed a distribution agreement for Paraguay. The new deal allows us to distribute Android and Java mobile games/apps on many operators there.

15-05-2014 ZGroup Mobile has expanded its Android catalogue by the addition of 50,000 new Android titles.

23-04-2014 We will be offering lots of soccer games/apps for all of our operators during World Cup this year.

02-04-2014 We signed an exclusive agreement with a tablet manufacturer to source all of their embedded Android mobile games and apps from ZGroup Mobile. The deal will cover 300,000 handsets, distributed on a monthly basis mainly in the South East Asian market.

06-03-2014 ZGroup Mobile is expanding its operations in South America with the signing of an agreement with a company in Nicaragua for the distribution of our products in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

13-02-2014 mAdInject solution by ZGroup Mobile is now supporting small widgets on the Android platform. We also added support for location-based targeted ads on Android platforms. mAdInject is an automatic wrapper for mobile games/apps on Java and Android, where by ads can be injected into the games/apps.

04-02-2014 Our mobile content catalogue has expanded by than 500,000 games/apps on many different platforms. Our Catalog includes games/apps on Android, Java, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Our Android catalogue now exceeds the 40% level, making Android the most served ZGroup Mobile platform (taking over #1 position from Java). Java is still second, with about 38% of the catalogue.

12-01-2014 A deal has been concluded to distribute our mobile products in Kenya on Safaricom and Airtel. The content will initially include 1,000 titles on the Java platform, plus 200 titles on Android. The plan is to increase this by 200 titles each month.

News 2013

21-12-2013 ZGroup Mobile wishes all of its team and partners a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

16-12-2013 Soon our mobile games/apps will be available in the Indonesian market on Telkomsel, Indosat and 3.

05-11-2013 A deal to become one of the top content providers to Telefonia (Vivo) in Brazil.

18-09-2013 Our products are available on Batelco in Bahrain. This deal also covers Islamic and Arabic mobile games/apps on Java, Android and Blackberry.

02-09-2013 A partnership has been signed with a prominent company in India to distribute mobile games/apps to Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom, Aircel, Idea operators. Mobile games/apps will be available on a pay-per-download basis, as well as on a subscription basis.

26-07-2013 myODP is released. myODP is an on-device portal available on iPhone, Android and Java devices. myODP is one of the solutions provided by ZGroup Mobile as a configurable and re-brandable mobile application that can be integrated into the operator's backend to push services directly to end-users. myODP allows operators to create new services, segment users into groups, define available services to each group and target users/groups with defined offers. myODP can also be integrated easily with any appstore, for direct content delivery to mobiles.

17-06-2013 A deal has been signed to distribute our mobile content in Nigerian market (which is one of the biggest markets in Africa). The deal will cover Airtel, MTN and Etisalat on a non-exclusive basis.

29-05-2013 We have helped an appstore based in the USA to create an appstore of Android games suitable for teenagers. The new appstore will be integrated with dedicated devices, as well as being available to all users of Android handsets.

14-05-2013 Our mobile games/apps plus mobile videos will be soon available through a new partner on Claro and Movistar in Argentina.

30-04-2013 The French market is huge, especially when approached with new monetization strategies. We signed an agreement to distribute our mobile games/apps on Android and Java based on an Eat-It-All subscription model. This model will be available on a new appstore that will be available via SFR France in May, 2013. Orange, Bouygues Telecom will follow soon.

16-04-2013 Our mobile content products will be distributed in Jordan on Zain Jordan, Orange Jordan and Umniah. Most of our Arabic titles will be available there.

13-03-2013 We finalized a deal with a new partner for Pakistan, to distribute our mobile games/apps on Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, Zong and Telenor.

08-02-2013 Strategic deal with a German partner to distribute mobile games/apps on fremium basis.

07-02-2013 Re-design of ZGroup Mobile website.

24-01-2013 Both of and now point to the same domain.

03-01-2013 Subscribers of Maxis, Celcom and DiGi can now use our mobile content through a deal that was signed with a local VAS provider in Malaysia.

News 2012

23-12-2012 ZGroup Mobile wishes all of its partners and clients a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

04-12-2012 India is always a market to explore. It is adding 25 million new mobile users each month. We finalized a deal with a new VAS provider in India who will be selling our mobile content on many operators such as Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Tata, Idea and LOOP.

07-11-2012 Fremium games are on the rise. ZGroup Mobile has signed an agreement with a platform provider offering Fremium games and applications worldwide. This has been launched in the USA and is going to expand worldwide.

22-10-2012 We signed a deal with a partner who will bring our content to the Saudi Arabian market. The market there is very promising and the demand is high, especially for our Arabic games.

27-09-2012 A distribution agreement with a partner in Argentina to distribute our Java games/apps and other ringtones, wallpapers, videos and themes.

11-09-2012 A new appstore in Germany has signed a deal with ZGroup Mobile to get our games/apps on all platforms for distribution.

22-08-2012 A new deal has been signed to obtain licences involving the legendary Snoop Dogg. A new mobile application has been created to represent the star and get him closer to his mobile fans.

20-08-2012 ZGroup Mobile signed a distribution agreement with a local company in the MENA region to distribute our mobile content in the Gulf.

01-08-2012 ZGroup Mobile content is available on several operators in Nigeria through a Nigerian company. The deal will concentrate on available mobile content, plus some Nollywood content.

09-07-2012 A new distribution channel has been opened in South Korea for distributing our Android and Java mobile games and applications.

22-06-2012 Strategic partnership between ZGroup Mobile and a major company in Spain which is distributing mobile content in Spain and South America. We will be able to distribute Java, Android, Blackberry games/apps into many operators in the region.

07-06-2012 AN OEM deal with LG to offer two of our games embedded into their devices in Asian Pacific countries.

11-05-2012 Spanish content will be distributed in Spain and some Latin American countries through a spanish company. The deal includes a list of more than 20 opeators in those countries.

09-04-2012 We signed an agreement with a Russian company to distribute our content there. The agreement includes coverage to all platforms such as Java, Android, Blackberry and Symbian. All of our products on these platforms will be available to users on those mobile network operators.

28-03-2012 A new exclusive deal is signed between ZGroup Mobile and a Saudi company to offer some of our Arabic titles exclusively in MENA region through all operators there.

01-03-2012 We have signed a distribution agreement with a new appstore. The deal will allow them to include 32,000 games/apps on Android platform over a period of six months. The appstore is global in nature but most traffic are coming from North America and Europe.

16-02-2012 New distribution agreement in CIS countries through an experienced partner there. He will be able to offer our content in all operators in these countries.

23-01-2012 ZGroup Mobile has signed a new distribution agreement to offer mobile games and applications in New Zealand. The New Zealand market has its challenges as some of the handsets offered there are different from the standard used in Europe or Asia in general. ZGroup Mobile has ported many of the titles to the new handsets and this was welcomed by lot of positive feedback.

09-01-2012 We have offered more than 100 titles on exclusivity basis to MTN South Africa. The deal will allow MTN to distribute those products exclusively in South Africa. The titles are available on Android, Java and blackberry handsets.

News 2011

19-12-2011 ZGroup Mobile has signed a new deal to offer our mobile games and applications in Venezuela. The deal will offer some fremium games plus some advergaming options. Users will be able to download games for free there and enjoy them while watching some ads. The deal will also include top south american singers and their songs.

14-12-2011 We have signed a new agreement to offer our mobile content in Tunisia. The Tunisian market has got some instability last year but now it's climbing steadly. The deal will offer games/apps in Arabic, English and French. The offer will also include some Islamic content as well.

28-11-2011 Three racing games will be embedded on big manufactorer of mobile handsets in China. The order is for Android titles which will be embedded on more than 3 million handsets! This proves how attractive is the content we are offering and how flexible we are in negotiating big deals.

24-10-2011 Algerian market is a very promising market and one of the hardest to penetrate. Today ZGroup Mobile signed an agreement with a big algerian VAS company to offer our mobile content in Algeria. The deal will include both Arabic, English and French content.

18-10-2011 A deal with an Iraqi partner to distribute our themes in Iraqi market. The deal covers already themes for different handsets such as Nokia, Sonyericsson and Samsung. The themes are also available in different formats suitable for wide range of devices.

04-10-2011 ZGroup Mobile has finalized a deal with an Italian operator to offer a full service appstore for their android clients. The appstore will include more than 10,000 games/apps for Android handsets plus more than 300,000 items of ringtones, wallpapers, videos and animations.

22-09-2011 We signed an agreement with a big appstore offering mobile games/app on their appstore. The deal will focus on games/apps on Java, Symbian, blackberry and Android.

16-09-2011 We signed a deal with Chinese company allowing them to distribute our products into China Mobile. Chinese market is one of the biggest worldwide and one of the most promising. We already provided them with more than 3000 games/apps in Chinese language available on platforms such as Java, Symbian, Blackberry and Android.

22-08-2011 Samsung Brazil has signed an agreement with ZGroup Mobile to offer one game pre-embedded on its handset in Brazil. Initial offer was for one million handsets.

12-08-2011 ZGroup Mobile has signed a new agreement to enter the Australian market. Our content will be available on all australian operators and will be offered to our partner in xml format according to the specifications required by the operator.

08-08-2011 We signed a new deal to offer our branded content into Canadian market. The content offered will be in both English and French.

27-07-2011 With Ramadan month very close we'll be offering islamic content in Indonesia with our new partner there. Islamic apps will be available for users of all Indonesian operators.

22-06-2011 Soon our music content will be available for Vietnamese mobile users as we've made a new deal to provide Vinaphone with our music content including truetones and RBTs.

20-06-2011 New distribution agreement with a huge SMS company to distribute our content initially in Argentina. Spanish games/apps and other branded content such as top charts music and celebrities videos are on the list!

17-06-2011 We signed an agreement with an south African company to distribute our mobile content in Kenya, Brunudi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. The deal will allow them to distribute all of our mobile content into all operators in these countries. The initial offer will include mobile games in all categories on java and symbian. The expansion will focus on blackberry and Android content.

16-06-2011 This new deal is to offer our branded Java titles into the Vietnamese market across Viettel and Mobifone. ZGroup Mobile now positioned itself as the leading mobile content providers in Vietnam.

13-06-2011 ZGroup Mobile made a new interesting deal in Indonesia to offer Java games across Indoneisan biggest operators. New mobile content will be availabe across all major operators in Indonesia by next month.

10-06-2011 New deal to distribute our content in Indonesian market. The partner in this case is the oldest VAS company in Indonesia. They will connect us to all operators there.

06-06-2011 We made a deal to distribute our high quality Java games and ringtones across a French app store, top charted truetones will be available across our new partner via subscribtion model for users to download all what they want from the top charted music.

16-05-2011 ZGroup Mobile made a new cooperation with a French company to distribute our products there. The deal will focus on mobile games/apps and ringtones mainly. The products will be available across many operators in France.

13-05-2011 Our cooperation with our new Vietnamese partner will allow us to further expand into the Vietnamese market and provide all new games and apps.

02-05-2011 New deal with Mexican partner to provide a package of embedded mobile content into handsets sold on retail and by big distributors. Users will be able to get the new handsets with games, apps, ringtones, wallpapers and videos preinstalled on them. The deal is already for 200,000 handsets per month and will expand to more countries in the future.

15-04-2011 New OEM deal has been signed today. Two of our games will be featured on new LG handsets in Asia Pacific region.

04-04-2011 Due to good cooperation with one of our partners we agreed that they will expand to Turkey after they opened a new office for themselves there. The deal will allow them to represent us with all operators in Turkey. We will be working on a huge deal with 1000 titles localized to Turkish language. The deal also includes other mobile content such as billboard ringtones, celebrity videos, sport content and Islamic content.

01-04-2011 Important and promising distribution agreement with Vietnamese company. More products will be available on the operators there with specific focus on mobile games and localized mobile games.

29-03-2011 Another distribution agreement with Vietnamese company. The market is expanding rapidly there.

28-03-2011 We signed a new distribution agreement with a US company to distribute our mobile content in USA. The deal will concentrate on AT&T .

22-03-2011 New distribution agreement has been signed with a company in Vietnam to distribute our mobile products in Mobiphone, Vinaphone and Viettel Channels. The vietnamese market is showing huge potential and it's expanding rapidely. It one of the fastest growing mobile content market in Asia Pacific region.

08-03-2011 Malysian market is a promising market and today we have signed a new agreement to distribute our content there. The agreement includes all of our content with some concentration on Islamic content. Some Islamic content will be localized to local language. The content will be distributed throughout all the operators in Malysia. Our partner will expand in three months to Indonesia as well.

07-03-2011 We signed today a new publishing agreement to publish our mobile games, applications, ringtones and videos to Vietnam. The new service will be available through a big VAS provider who is connected to all operators there and who is doing huge advertising over TV channels. We have already worked also on a big deal to convert some Vietnamese movies and series to mobile formats using our content2mobile software solution.

18-02-2011 ZGroup Mobile has signed a contract with a Lithuanian company to distribute our mobile products in Lithuania.

03-02-2011 A new distribution cooperation to distribute our mobile content in a big appstore in Pakistan. The content will be also available to retail system across the country.

19-01-2011 New distribution agreement to Argentinian market. The deal will cover the following channels there: Movistar argentina, Telecom personal de Argentina S.A., Claro Argentina S.A., Compania de Medios Digitales, CMD S.A. Also known as UBBI. We have already provided the client (according to specifications) with mobile content that is compatible with the handsets there and with the guidelines of the operator.

17-01-2011 ZGroup Mobile is happy to announce a new deal to distribute our mobile content into Norway. The new deal will expand to other countries like Finaland, Swizerland, Denmark and many others. The deal will concentrate on the blackberry platform such as games, apps, videos for blackberry, wallpapers for blackberry and music for blackberry.

14-01-2011 A new distribution agreement has been signed today to distribute our mobile products into Argentina, Paraguay, Puru and Uruguay. The deal concentrates on mobile branded games and other content. Localization into spanish of many titles is on the way.

07-01-2011 We have signed a new agreement to distribute our content in Turkish market. Some content has been already localized to Turkish language with the help of the publishing company. We will be also offering Islamic content there.

05-01-2011 We have partnered with a professional company in Uganda. The new deal will allow us to distribute our mobile content in MTN, Airtel, Zain, Warid, UTL and Orange. The mobile content offer will include games/apps and ringtones. The games/apps are divided into many different subcategories to differentiate the pricing and offer some content in very attractive pricing to end-users

News 2010

23-12-2010 A new deal to distribute our products into Bangali market. We will cover the following channels: Grameenphone, Robi, and Airtel Bangladesh. The content offered will include high quality content that is localized to Bangali market using our mLocalization tool. We have also encoded some music and videos for low bandwidth consumption to suit the market.

30-11-2010 New distribution agreement into the Indian market. We will cover the following operators in this deal: IDEA, Aircel, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar, BSNL, MTNL, Datacom Solutions, Etisalat, Loop, Unitech Wireless, Reliance Telecom, Tata docomo, BPL Mobile, Spice and Virgin.

19-10-2010 A new deal has been signed in Pakistan to distribute our mobile content into the following operators there: Mobilink, Ufone, Zong, Warid, and Telenor. There will be also distribution on many VAS providers. The deal is for mobile games, ringtones, wallpapers, videos and themes.

18-10-2010 A new deal with a big retail system in India has been signed today. They have more than 500 points of sales already which will deploy our mobile content (games, applications, ringtones, videos and themes). We expect that retail mobile business will grow significantly in India.

15-10-2010 ZGroup Mobile is pround to announce that it has signed a huge deal with a big company to distribute our mobile products in more than 20 countries in APAC region. The list of operators includes the following: Singtel - APAC, Globe - Philippines, Optus - Australia, AIS - Thailand, Airtel - India, Telekomsel - Indonesia, Warid - Pakistan and many more.

07-10-2010 A new interesting deal into Nigerian market to offer our content on MTN and Etisalat. In this deal we will also use our solution content2Mobile to convert some celebrities videos to mobile formats. We also have to convert original music to mobile formats and offer it in RBT as 30 seconds tracks.

14-09-2010 ZGroup mobile made a new deal today to expand into Kenyan territories. The deal will allow us to offer new previously unexplored content into this promising market.

13-09-2010 ZGroup Mobile has signed today a deal with a US based company that wants to distribute our mobile content into African market. The deal will start first by Nigera on MTN Nigeria. The content offered is mostly games, apps, ringtones, videos and wallpapers suitable to Nigerian market.

10-09-2010 We have signed a new deal in Uganda. Our partner has a track record in mobile content business and will be able to offer our content into many operators and initially into Orange Telecom Uganda. Our flexibility in pricing and our excellent catalog of mobile content proved to be essential to tap into this new market.

04-08-2010 Another deal for the Nigerian market that is expanding very fast. The deal will allow our partner to offer some of our branded content into all nigerian operators.

02-07-2010 We have signed a new partnership to expand our distribution in Vietnam market. The new deal will allow our distinctive partner to distribute our mobile content in: Mobifone (BlueSea), Viettel, Vnnplus (Vinafone), TGDD (phone distributor), VASC (vinafone), Samsung (phone distributor), Maxcom (vinafone), and EVN Telecom. The new deal will offer all of these channels lot of branded and high quality mobile games and applications plus other branded mobile content.

30-06-2010 Indian mobile market is one of the biggest in the world and it is expanding rapidly. India is adding more than 40 million mobile subscribers on monthly basis! That's why we are trying to add more partners there to be able to cover our huge catalog there. Today we are happy to announce that we signed an agreement to offer mobile content to all mobile operators in India. The content includes exclusive previews of forthcoming bollywood movies, exclusive footage of celebrities, one to one interview with celebrities, overseas celebrities videos, glamour and fashion videos, health videos, premium tv content that is converted to mobile formats (by our solution content2mobile), music videos, comics, info services, branded mobile games and ringtones.

24-06-2010 We have partnered with a new company in India to distribute our mobile content there. Our content will be available there on the following operators: Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Idea Cellular, TATA, Docomo, Reliance, LoopMobile, Vodafone, MTS. The content offered is branded games, casual games, wallpapers, ringtones and videos.

23-06-2010 We signed a new partnership agreement with a Kenyan company. Our content will be available in Safaricom, Zain, Orange, and YU. Our content will also be available in Kenyan market through some local websites. The content offered in this case are mostly sport related content like sport mobile games, sport videos, videos of sport celebrities and best goals videos.

18-06-2010 One of our partners in Nigeria is expanding to new territories in Africa: Kenya, Democratic republic of Congo and South Africa. Other countries are being prepared now! Our partner will serve mostly java games/apps plus ringtones, videos of celebrities into the operators of these countries.

16-06-2010 Today we signed a new deal in the Nigerian market with all operators. This deal will allow us to put thousands of our mobile games and applications into the appstores there. Nigerian market is second largest market in Africa and it is becoming more and more hungry for mobile content. We will also be providing some local Nigerian music aggregated from our partners in Africa.

02-04-2010 We've made a new interesting deal in Vietnam to offer Java games across Vietnamese operators, this new deal will offer some of the best high quality Java games into Vietnam.

26-03-2010 A new deal has been signed to offer billboard music across German operators. The billbord music ringtones and RBTs will be available for downloads from all major German operators.

19-02-2010 A new expansion into Asia Pacific region with a new deal to penetrate many operators in the region. Most of the content that will be offered includes mobile java games, ringtones, wallpapers and videos. The Asian market is one of the biggest and fastest expanding markets in the region.

05-01-2010 ZGroup Mobile made a new interesting deal in East Africa, Uganda to offer all kind of mobile content across MTN, Airtel & Zain, Warid, UTL and Orange in Uganda. This new deal will allow for further expansion in the African market.

News 2009

23-08-2009 More of our mobile content is available on operators through a new deal. The deal will cover Virgin, Airtel, Celtel, MobiTel, Telemovil, Telesur and Rediff mobile.

21-08-2009 New distribution deal in Taiwan to include branded ringtones with the operators and TV channels there.

05-08-2009 ZGroup mobile has already signed an agreement to offer more of its mobile content to cover better South East Asia... the new deal with allow our partner to cover operators in the following countries: HongKong, Singapore, Macau SAR, Republic of China, Malaysia, Poeples Republic of China, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand, Thailand, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

26-06-2009 New distribution deal in Turkey.

28-05-2009 ZGroup mobile has a new deal for distribution of mobile content into Turkish market. The Turkish market is a huge market and ZGroup Mobile is offering (along with its representative there) different pricing options and different bundling options for its mobile content.

12-05-2009 ZGroup Mobile has localized more than 200 titles up to date into Arabic language. The titles are being distributed mainly in the middle-east in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Eygpt, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

02-03-2009 ZGroup Mobile has the rights to distribute many new branded titles from latest movies.

12-02-2009 New deal to allow for better coverage to users in Canada through several famous websites.

02-02-2009 More expansion into Italy to distribute our mobile content. Some content has been localized to Italian language to appeal more to the local customer.

28-01-2009 A new deal to distribute our mobile content in Bangladesh.

News 2008

28-12-2008 Better coverage to more operators in African continent. The new deal will allow us to distribute our mobile content in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and DR Congo.

02-12-2008 A new deal for the distribution of our mobile content in South America

01-11-2008 ZGroup Mobile has got the license to distribute new top chart mobile ringtones and this content is available in mp3 and amr formats with different versions suitable to different operators and users. RBT versions are also available.

27-10-2008 New collection of mobile content is available in Columbia on Comcel, Movistar and Tigo.

27-10-2008 Celebrities mobile wallpapers and videos, top chart ringtones and about 200 mobile games are available on Telkomsel (Indonesia), Indosat (Indonesia), and XL (Indonesia).

26-09-2008 Our mobile content is available now on: and

14-08-2008 We are expanding into the middle-east where we have the biggest share among all other mobile providers. More of our games are now on new portals on Etisalat (UAE), Batelco (Bahrain), MTC (Bahrain), Watanyia (Kuwait), and Mobily (Saudi Arabia). Our localized mobile games/applications are always among the top 10 in each of those operators.

11-08-2008 A new deal with a strong partner in Indonesia to distribute our mobile content on Hutchison and Indosat.

27-07-2008 ZGroup Mobile has signed a new deal to distribute more of our mobile content in Malaysia on Maxis, Celcom, and Digi.

18-07-2008 20 of our mobile games which were published on Vivo (Brazil) occupy the top 100 slots in downloads.

17-07-2008 A new deal in advergaming to offer mobile games free to the end-user.

17-07-2008 ZGroup Mobile has signed a new excellent deal with a strong partner to allow them to distribute our mobile content on Entel PCS (Chile), Movistar (Chile), Smartcom (Chile), CTI (Argentina), Movistar (Arengtina), Personal (Argentina), Telcel (Mexico), Comcel (Colombia), Movistar (Colombia), Ola (Movistar), Porta (Ecuador), Movistar (Ecuador), Alegro (Ecuador), Claro (Brazil), Amazonia Celular (Brazil), Telemig Celular (Brazil), Claro (Brazil), Vivo (Brazil), TIM (Brazil), Virgin (South Africa), MTN (South Africa), Maxis (Malaysia), Digi (Malaysia), Celcom (Malaysia), AIS (Thailand), Digi (Thailand), Globe (Philippines), Smart (Philippines), Digi (Philippines), Airtel (India), Reliance (India), BSNL (India), Tata (India), Idea (India), Organe (Slovakia), and MobilKing (Poland). Nevertheless we have still more mobile content that can be offered to those channels with no overlap with what we are already offering.

27-06-2008 Now some of our branded mobile content is available on BSNL – India, Bhutan Telecom – Bhutan, Dialog – Sri lanka, and Aircel – India.

27-06-2008 A new deal to allow us to access several operators in Serbia and neighbouring countries such as: MONDO portal (Serbia), M:Tel (Montenegro), M:Tel (Bosnia), Telenor (Serbia), Telenor (Montenegro), T Mobile (Montenegro), T Mobile (Macedonia), VIP (Serbia), BH Telekom (Bosnia), and Eronet (Bosnia).

12-06-2008 We are expanding our presence in South American market through a strong deal to cover Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Honduras, Venezuela, Rep Dominique, Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

09-06-2008 Our excellent and branded mobile content is now available on mocion (Telefonica), Orange World (Orange Spain), Yogio Spain, and Vodafone Spain. Some of the games/applications were localized to Spanish to reach wider segments of users.

09-06-2008 Our mobile content reaches operators in India, Bhutan, Maldives, and Bangladesh.

04-06-2008 Our mobile content is available now in retails stores in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, and Macaul. Users in these territories will be able to view the content immediately before getting it on their mobile handsets.

02-06-2008 Distribution of our mobile content on several websites in USA and Canada.

02-06-2008 Expansion of our offering of mobile games in Yemen through our Arabic and Islamic titles.

27-05-2008 Distribution of our mobile content in Tunisia on Tunisiatel.

21-05-2008 Distribution is expanding in South East Asia through a strong partner who has good partnership with lot of operators.

21-05-2008 New deal in Denmark to promote mobile games and applications and our other mobile content.  

13-05-2008 Now reaching out to Tanzania through a new partner 

01-05-2008 A deal with an Indonesian partner will allow us to present all of our mobile content catalogs into all operators in Indonesia. 

25-04-2008 Top mobile java games on STT Telecommunication services of Trinidad and Tobago are from our catalogs

21-04-2008 New distribution into Argentina. 

11-04-2008 Signed with Didmo for advergaming. We were among seven companies chosen by Didmo. We also expect to have the best influence. 

01-04-2008 Distribution into 2 operators in Pakistan.

25-03-2008 New partner in the middle east. Our java mobile games will be available on 10 operators plus on Nokia NCD.  

24-03-2008 Now our catalog of mobile content is available in Senegal as well!

24-03-2008 Distribution agreements of cell phone games into MTV Poland and Orange Poland.

14-03-2008 New distribution deal for mobile games, ringtones, videos, themes into Philippine. 

12-01-2008 Free4mob is down for maintenance. 

News 2007

23-12-2007 ZGroup Mobile wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

21-12-2007 ZGroup Mobile wish you a happy Eid-Al-Adha.

15-12-2007 Mobile Slideshow is released in V2.0 supporting now PocketPC and PDA devices.

10-12-2007 Beta version of our Mobile Content Gallery is available for access now. This will be the new storefront where partners will browse for anything new. More content will be integrated with time on the gallery. 

08-10-2007 Better expansion in Nigeria. Now connecting to all operators in the country.

01-11-2007 Distribution of mobile games and videos to Czech operators.  

31-10-2007 New distribution deal in South Africa. 

02-09-2007 We are now closer to you! You type less to reach us! you can access by typing!

02-07-2007 Our solution for automatic conversion of content to mobile supports now the new video formats used in new PocketPC devices. 

31-06-2007 Our mobile games have been launched in Taiwan on the following operators: Chungl-lwa Telecom, Far EasTone Telecommunication, and Vibo Telecom. 

12-06-2007 Our solution "Instant Messenger" was deployed with several operators including: Vodafone, Mobily, AT&T and Omantel.

09-06-2007 We have signed three new deals with Indian partners. The Indian market is expanding rapidly and with its expansion there's a greater demand for mobile content. 

04-06-2007 New video catalog is included. The new clips include very funny clips from TopFunny. The clips are already available in different formats and sizes and compatible with all mobile handsets.

03-06-2007 Free4mob (Our free mobile games and applications portal) is gaining lot of new visitors. We reached more than 100,000 unique visitor in the first month. 

29-05-2007 Several new multiplayer games are launched in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait using our multiplayer technology. The games include Dama and Chess.   

27-03-2007 Official BlueMagic website is launched. You can find it here: 

26-03-2007 Launching the web version at Free mobile portal . The website offers the biggest catalog of free mobile games with more than 4000 free title and more than 82,000 ports!  

15-03-2007 Launching the wap site at It can be access now at or, or by accessing the main device from a mobile device. The site will automatically detect the client and return the appropriate response.

05-02-2007 New Arabic games: IQTester, Quiz, Fives, and Connect4 has been released.   

02-02-2007 mVideo is a brand new solution allowing publishers and developers to convert their videos to mobile format. It will also allow anyone to broadcast videos to mobile handsets directly. The solution will detect automatically the target device and change the frame rate, bit rate and screen size accordingly. 

26-01-2007 New catalog of themes are included. You can view offering at:

22-01-2007 ZGroup Mobile has included more than 200,000 wallpapers. The new logos/wallpapers support wide range of devices and is of high quality. Some include already the pictures of famous actors or famous movies. The branded content is available for distribution on a case-by-case basis. You can view some of the new content at:

15-01-2007 ZGroup Mobile has included more than 100,000 ringtones from many partners worldwide. The new clips are available in .awb, .mp3, .wav and .amr formats. The catalog includes top ringtones from top singers, and is available for distribution:

15-01-2007 ZGroup Mobile has included more than 20,000 video clips from many partners worldwide. The new clips are available for distribution on a case-by-case basis. You can view some of the new content at:

News 2006

21-12-2006 The official version of Content2Mobile is released. Content2mobile will convert multimedia content (video clips, ringtones, music, wallpapers, animations, flash. . .etc) to mobile format suitable to be used on cellphones, PocketPcs, smartphones, PDA and other mobile devices.  

20-11-2006 A new catalog of video ringtones is available. You can view the pdf file below to see the offering:

24-10-2006 We have new distribution deals in middle east. Now we are covering around 15 operators in the region including operators in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Eygpt and Lebanon. Yemen, Tunisia will follow soon.

29-09-2006 We have signed three new contracts to better cover the Indian market. 

19-09-2006 BlueMagic demo is functional. We were able to send around 5000 messages to more than 200 different handsets with no problem. We are working on improving the applications embedded and speed of the device. An Arabic version of the document is available here: Arabic BlueMagic.  

13-09-2006 Our new solution mLocalization is already released (version 1.0). The solution will help developers/publishers to localize (translate) mobile games without the need to go back to source-code. The localization process will be done on binary's level.  

15-06-2006 Pocket Dictionary is ready now. The versions are English<->Arabic. The Pocket dictionary comes in three version: Pico (2000 words), Medium (5000 words), Large (10000 words) and Huge (20000 words). 

15-05-2006 Three new Backgammon games are ready in two languages (Arabic and English) : Mahbouseh, Magrebieh, and the international backgammon.

01-04-2006 Pizza Biz, Kart Racer, Pocket Pets, Magic Dancer and Chasing Race are available. 

15-02-2006 Vega Warrior II, SkyHawk II, Magical Dragon II games are available. 

01-02-2006 Our new games Commandos II, Commandos III, DoubleDozen     Solitaire, X Rescue Mission, Water Race, will be available soon.

News 2005

15-12-2005 We will soon launch several Multiplayer bluetooth games: Bluetooth Bubbles II, bluetooth AntWar, bluetooth Swap. 

01-12-2005 A new version of our game Air Hockey is to be released soon, the new version has different new AIs difficulties plus wider support for handsets. 

30-11-2005 A new version of our game SkyRacer is to be released soon.

22-11-2005 Addition to the catalogue: Now we have: 

* more than 80,000 themes. 
* more than 65,000 polyphonic ringtones.
* more than 150,000 mono ringtones. 
* more than 45,000 realtones ringtones.
* more than 300,000 wallpapers. 
* more than 2500 videos.

15-10-2005 A new version of our game Znake is to be released soon.

15-09-2005 We are continuing our efforts to aggregate and publish other mobile content. Our current catalogue includes:

* more than 10,000 themes available for wide range of devices including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens. 
* more than 50,000 polyphonic ringtones.
* more than 100,000 mono ringtones. 
* more than 30,000 realtones ringtones.
* more than 100,000 wallpapers. 

29-08-2005 Two new games will be released soon: SkyRacer and ballshooter. 

15-08-2005 Our mobile games MotorMadness, AntWar, DungeonFighter, Commandos: SpecialForces, Swap, UltimateSoccer, Extreme Racing, and PrettyPenny have been selected to be launched soon on China Mobile. Our well-designed games have made their way into the Chinese market which is one of the biggest markets in the world. 

10-08-2005 Two new games will be released soon: Sukdoku deluxe and Pocket Pinball. 

10-07-2005 Our catalogue of mobile games is over 1000 games now. We are dealing with more than 100 developers worldwide. There are 192 premium games in our catalogue 

15-06-2005 We have signed contracts to distribute our mobile games into many new countries in South America like Venezuela, Chile, Columbia, Brazil and Argentine. Several changes were made to some games to suite better those markets. The launch on each country will include between 200-500 mobile games. 

18-05-2005 MotorMadness is now released. It's a 3D motor racing game. True 3D simulation along with turbo speed action plus different items and enemies will make this the most compelling motor racing games that you would like to have! 

24-05-2005 Casino Pack 6-in-1 is collection of famous 6 casino games. This pack includes: Roulette, HorseRacing, Slots, blackjack, Carribean Poker and Poker. It will offer wide selection of entertaining simulation for casino and gambling lovers! 

19-05-2005 Skierboy is a 2d platform game. Unlike most 2d platform games, this one offer high degree of fReadom in movements and you will be amazed to see how you are going to jump up or bounce off. 

18-05-2005 AntWar is a worm-like game where you control a team of two ants. The game features different environments with different type of weapons. This game can be played against the mobile or against another player on the same phone. A multiplayer version will be available soon (Bluetooth & Network). 

09-05-2005 Our game Swap is now supported on wider range of mobile devices. 

20-04-2005 Several new distribution channels are announced this month mainly in Russia, Turkey and Norway. The new partners will distribute our mobile games, ringtones, mms to their channels.

22-04-2005A new version of DungeonFighter Mobile Game for Nokia devices and MIDP2 devices is available.  

21-04-2005Three games are soon to be released: AntWar, MotoMadness, and PrettyPenny. 

05-04-2005Our  soccer game UltimateSoccer Mobile Game is now released. The game is available on wide range of devices.  

30-03-2005A MIDP version of our 3D game DungeonFighter Mobile game is now available. The new version is one of few 3D FPS (first person shooter) games that is available for MIDP 1 devices.  

23-03-2005Our long awaited 3D racer game has been finally released ExtremeRacing Mobile Game. The game is available on wide range of devices including Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, SonyEricsson. 

15-03-2005Would like to play monopoly & Tycoon on your mobile? Try PrettyPenny! It's a great mix of monopoly and tycoon games!

01-03-2005Our catalogue of games is still growing, we now have more than 900 games available for distribution worldwide. Take a look please at our published mobile games

17-02-2005ZGroup Mobile has signed eight new agreements since the beginning of year 2005. The new agreements give us better presence in Australia, Czech, Latvia, US, Brazil Singapore, and Russia.  

29-01-2005New version 2.1 of zMoviePlayer has been released. The new version gives better performance on Nokia devices. zMoviePlayer is a vidlet i.e. a midlet to show video on java-enabled mobile phones. zMoviePlayer is paired with VidletConverter application (Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP) which will convert all popular video formats into MCV which is played by the Vidlet.  

18-01-2005 Added new page of Premium Published games

News 2004

26-12-2004 ZGroup Mobile wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

16-12-2004 Two new games have been released: 19 Solitaire Pack Moile Game, Dangerous Speed Mobile game. Follow the links to read more about the games.

08-12-2004 New section of our published games is already on our website. The section includes all of our published titles. Take a look at our published mobile games

22-11-2004 All of our games have been ported to new handsets. The new porting includes the following handsets: LG8110, LG3530, Nec 313, Nec 616, Samsung D410, Samsung E310, Samsung Z105, Siemens S65, Siemens SL65, SonyEricsson Z1010, SonyEricsson K700, Motorola A925, Motorola A760, Motorola A835, Motorola V300/V400/V500, Motorola V975, and Motorola E680.

29-10-2004 The Ultimate Solitaire game is coming to Mobile Phones! A new pack of Solitaire games are ready to be released. One game include 16 different card games in one release. Watch close for Pretty Good Solitaire

26-10-2004 Two new games have been released: SuperPool Mobile game, Commandos: SpecialForces. Follow the links to read more about the games.

21-10-2004 Two new games have been released: XWars2555 (3d mobile game), MagicalDragon. Follow the links to read more about the games.

11-10-2004 Two new games have been released: 3DBadminton, 3DPingPong. Follow the links to read more about the games.

06-10-2004 Several new channels are now open in Russia. The Russian market is a rapidly expanding market with 46 Million users and it's expanding by one or two millions every month. ZGroup Mobile sees a great opportunity for mobile games (and mobile content in general) in Russia and would like to get itself a better position there by signing more agreements with top publishers there. 

22-09-2004 New versions of our mobile games BubblesII, CannonBallsII, PickNShootII. The new games come with new graphics. The new games support a wide range of devices including: Nokia Series 30, Nokia Series 40, Nokia series 60, Siemens S55/ M55/SL55, SonyEricsson T610/Z600/P800, Samsung X100/X600/E700/E710 and Audiovox devices.

09-09-2004 Our catalogue of mobile games includes now more than 680 games from 71 developers. Our publishing program has attracted more than three hundreds developers since the beginning of this year. Only 71 developers were accepted to join our program. 

23-08-2004 new two distribution channels in Finland has been secured for ZGroup Mobile. 80% of our catalogue will be pushed to the Finnish market through these new two partners who cover almost 95% of the market. 

17-08-2004 Jeanette Lee (a.k.a. "The Black Widow") will come now to mobile as ZGroup Mobile, announced an agreement with, enabling ZGroup Mobile to customize one of its pool games (SuperPool) and to publish it as a "SuperPool - The Black Widow". The game will feature "The Black Widow" as its main character. The player will be guided through the game with some hints and suggestions from Jeanette Lee herself. Beside that there's a special tutorial section where player can improve himself/herself step-by-step as Jeanette Lee help him/her out. 

10-08-2004 Three mobile games to be released soon: 3DBadminton, 3DPingPong, and Boxing 2004. 

05-08-2004 More of ZGroup Mobile content will be available soon to many channels.  The new distribution agreement covers the following countries: Argentina, Belguim, Brazil, British Columbia, Romania, Ecuador, Cyprus, France, Italy, Holland, Spain and Mexico.

30-07-2004 ZGroup Mobile has signed two new distribution channels.  The result is about 20 new channels distributing our games. The channels are spread over Germany, Poland, Canada, Czech, Greece and Italy.

19-07-2004 The game Znake The game is now available for many new devices like SonyEricsson T610/T630/Z600/T616, Motorola T720/T722/T722i/T721,  Samsung devices like E700/X600. . . etc. The game is already available for all Nokia series. 

07-07-2004 A new mobile game Magical Dragon is soon to be released.

30-06-2004 ZGroup Mobile inks a new distribution agreement with one of the provider of mobile content in Poland. The new partner will act as a reseller and publisher of our games and mobile content in Poland.   

28-06-2004 The mobile games SkyHawk, PocketBowling, Professional 3DTennis, PocketDarts andSlalom Snowboard are now available for Motorola T720/T722/T722i/T721 handsets. The same version will run on many different MIDP handsets. 

22-06-2004 Three mobile games to be released soon: XWars2555, SuperPool, and Special Forces (Behind Enemy lines).  

16-06-2004 ZGroup Mobile has signed a new distribution agreement with one of the biggest provider of mobile content in South America. Our portfolio of games is now available to many users in this huge market.

11-06-2004 zMoviePlayer optimized for Nokia: We have released new version of our zMoviePlayer application optimized for Nokia devices. The engine can now hold twice as much frames as in the previous version, it's also twice faster than the previous version. The new version uses Nokia API extension to optimize the way of compressing and decompressing images, thus resulting in improved compression ratios and decompression speeds. Typically you can store up to 60 frames with 64k limit, with frame size at 128x96, and a playback at 3fps. The previous version is MIDP compatible

25-05-2004 The mobile games SkyHawk, PocketBowling, Professional 3DTennis, PocketDarts andSlalom Snowboard are now available for SonyEricssson T610/T616/T630/T650 handsets.

13-05-2004 Three new games are soon to finish: Special Forces, Galaxy Fighter, and Pretty Penny. 

11-05-2004 PocketDarts mobile game is now available for all Nokia phones. 

06-05-2004 Professional 3DTennis has been released for all Nokia phones. 

05-05-2004 SkyHawk (PREMIUM TITLE) has been launched for all Nokia phones. This game pushes mobile gaming action to new levels due to its excellent graphics, realistic scenarios, and challenging, intelligent opponents. 

29-04-2004 New distribution agreement was signed earlier this week with a distributor in Finland.

19-04-2004 Ultra Soccer mobile game will be shortly available for Nokia mobile phones!

15-04-2004 PocketBowling mobile game is now available for Nokia Series 40 and Nokia Series 60 phones. 

12-04-2004 HyperSpeed mobile game is now available for all Nokia Series 30, Series 40 and Series 60 phones. 

08-04-2004 The games: AlphaMania, BricksMix, Snakies, CannonBalls, CannonBlocks, PickNShoot, Bubbles, Zolitaire, Swap, Pong3D, NineBall, Vega Warrior and BloodyFight have all been ported to Sony Ericsson T610/T616 and compatible handsets. 

01-04-2004 A new distribution channel in Finland. Only Premium games will be presented to this new channel. 

22-03-2004 Slalom Snowboard  mobile game is now available for all Nokia Series 30, Series 40 and Series 60. Ports to Motorola and SonyEricsson should follow soon.

21-03-2004 ZGroup Mobile is supporting now the Audiovox handsets (Audiaovox 8450, 8455). The following mobile games: AlphaMania, BricksMix, Snakies, CannonBalls, CannonBlocks, PickNShoot, Bubbles, Zolitaire, Swap, Pong3D, NineBall, Vega Warrior and BloodyFight are all ported to Audiovox handset 8450 and Audiovox 8455. 

18-03-2004 BloodyFight is now available for all Nokia phones.

18-03-2004 ZGroup Mobile inks a new distribution agreement with one of the biggest provider of mobil content in Indonesia. The new partner will start publishing our catalogue of games through web portals, magazines and operators in Indonesia. 

16-03-2004 ZGroup Mobile inks a distribution agreement with a worldwide platform provider. The new partner is already distributing mobile games through operators around the world, mostly in SE Asia and in Africa. 

12-03-2004 New versions of our old games! BubblesII, CannonBall II, PickNShoot II, and CannonBlocks II.

09-03-2004 ZGroup Mobile has signed a distribution agreement one of the biggest provider of SMS and mobile services in America. The new partner will help to distribute our catalogue of mobile games to more than forty operators in North and South Americas. 

08-03-2004 ZGroup Mobile has released a new puzzle game target especially for the Arab market. The game is Dama or better know as Turkish Checker. The game will be exclusive to Mobilink in Kuwait, and will be advertised heavily by Mobilink in newspapers/TV and on the MTC-Vodafone operator portal.  

08-03-2004 A new mobile game BloodyFight has been released for Nokia Series 30 and Nokia Series 40. Nokia Series 60 and SonyEriccson T610 versions will follow shortly.

05-03-2004 ZGroup Mobile has signed a distribution agreement with a big and very connected distributor in Austria. The distributor will help distribute our catalogue of mobile games into Austria, Poland, Czech, Germany and some other East Europeans countries. 

24-02-2004 New two mobile racing games will be available soon: HyperSpeed, WindRacer. 

20-02-2004 ZGroup Mobile has inked several agreements during this month to distribute our catalogue of mobile games into the US market. ZGroup Mobile has already penetrated this market, but the potential is growing each day. The new deals will allow more users in the US to access our catalogue of mobile games through Web, Wap, and print magazines.

20-02-2004 New distribution agreement to bring our mobile games to the Greece market. 

18-02-2004 Several games from our catalogue have been localized to Arabic and uploaded to FastLink operator in Jordan. Among the localized titles are: Bubbles, CannonBalls.

09-02-2004 ZGroup Mobile has signed today a new agreement with a new partner in Switzerland. The new publisher will use its good position and long experience in the market to promote our catalogue of Mobile games. The publisher will get initially 200 games from our catalogue. More games will be updated monthly. 

23-01-2004 ZGroup Mobile has signed an agreement today with a partner in Austria. The new partner will deploy our games in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  The publisher will use some printing services (Magazines, brochures) to promote the games. 

07-01-2004 The website has been updated with new look.

News 2003

24-11-2003 Our catalogue of mobile games is now available on Yahoo India. The catalogue includes now more than 250 mobile games ready for popular devices. 

14-11-2003 Our game Bubbles is now available for mobile users on operator Orange UK. 

01-11-2003 All our catalogue of mobile games is now available on AT&T in USA. More than 40 games were accepted initially and the operator will continue uploading more games soon.

20-10-2003 Our catalogue of mobile games is ready now for distribution in Russia through one of the biggest providers. 

29-09-2003 Our game Bubbles is now available for mobile users on operator ONE Austria. 

07-08-2003 ZGroup Mobile is integrating new functionalities in zMoviePlayer. The new functionality will allow the midlet to interpret specific sequence such as moving text, sliding, as well as some special effects. 

17-07-2003 New screenshots of mobile game Vega Warrior are updated on site.

10-07-2003 New screenshots of mobile game 9Ball are updated on site.

01-07-2003 We are developing a 3D Raycasting Engine with Texture mapping for Nokia mobile phones. The early tests of the 3D engine perform well on all Nokia devices like Nokia Series 60, Series 40 and Series 30 (More than 12 FPS). 

27-06-2003 Screen shots of the mobile game Air Hockey is now online. Air Hockey is a very popular game in public, and now available on your mobile phone in 3D. 

26-06-2003 Screen shots of the mobile game 3DPong is now online. 3DPong is a variation to the old pong game but played in three dimensions.

25-05-2003 Two new phone games are now under development. You can read about the games in our mobile games section: Vega Warrior, Spaceships.

20-05-2003 Early screenshots of the new game Znake. Znake is the ultimate Snake game for your mobile phone. It includes two modes, the classical mode, and a new free mode (full rotation at 360 degrees).

15-05-2003 9-Ball game is now fully released for Nokia Series 40, Nokia Series 60.

01-05-2003 Pong3D game is now fully released for Nokia Series 40, Nokia Series 60.

04-04-2003 New versions of phone games: AlphaMania, BricksMix, Snakies, CannonBalls, CannonBlocks, PickNShoot, Bubbles, Zolitaire, and Swap is Now available for Nokia, Motorola handsets. The new versions include better graphics and optimized binaries with some minor bugs fixed. 

24-03-2003 Word-games lovers will surely enjoy our new mobile game AlphaPool. Screenshots of the game have been updated to the site. The game is in it's final testing stage. AlphaPool  will be available for All Nokia, Siemens, Motorola phones. As always a MIDP version will be also available. 

20-03-2003 ZGroup Mobile signs distribution agreement with iiL Corp. iiL Corp will help ZGroup Mobile to distribute it's mobile games and applications to the South East Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau. 

17-03-2003 Screenshots of EagleEye game are finally updated on the web. The game is ready for all Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and SonyEricsson handsets. The game will support pointer devices when it's available.

24-02-2003 The game 9-ball is in its final testing stage. Now you can play the cool pool game on your java enabled mobile handset. A color and b/w versions of the game will be ready soon. An optimized version with sounds for Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Nokia 7210/6610, Nokia 3510i, Nokia 3410, Siemens C55 and Siemens S55 will be also available. 

21-02-2003 New demo of game Bubbles is now available online. You can download the free midlet download mobile games. This game is a Tetris-like game for java enabled mobile phones. The game will appeal to arcade and Tetris lovers. 

17-02-2003 The first demo of zMoviePlayer midlet is available. The demo feature a short clip embedded with the .jar file showing spiderman dancing. zMoviePlayer is a total solution that enable operators to deliver video content to any java enabled handsets. The midlet has been tested and worked properly on all Nokia devices, Motorola T720, Siemens S55. There's also a MIDP compatible version that could be run on any MIDP device. Owners of java enabled mobile phones can now download free short clips to their mobiles. 

10-02-2003 A FAQ about the application zMoviePlayer have been uploaded to the site. Reading the FAQ will give end-users as well as content aggregator a better way of understanding the how-to and the goal of our application zMoviePlayer.

27-01-2003 Free demo of Zolitaire for Nokia 3510i/7210/7650 has been uploaded to the site. Owners of Nokia color mobile phones can now watch their mobiles playing and winning the classic card game Solitaire.

23-01-2003 download Motorola T720 games have been uploaded to the site. The demos for T720 are also MIDP compatible so they should work on any MIDP device. You can download the games directly to your phone by using the .JAD URL address. Please report any problem to

21-01-2003 Screen shots of new game Bubbles are now online. The game is in its final testing stage.

20-01-2003 The Games: AlphaMania, BricksMix, Snakies, CannonBalls, CannonBlocks, PickNShoot have all now a localized version in Simplified & Traditional Chinese. 

17-01-2003 Some users have reported an error in the demo of  CannonBalls game for Nokia 7210. We have fixed it.

15-01-2003 Demos of games CannonBalls, CannonBlocks, and PickNShoot for Nokia color devices updated to the site. Both the .jad and .jar files have been uploaded plus a zip archive including both of them. download free mobile games

13-01-2003 Demos of games AlphaMania, BricksMix, and Snakies for Nokia color devices Nokia 3510i/3530, Nokia 7210/6610/6100/6800/7250 and Nokia 7650/3650 have been updated to the site. download free mobile games

04-01-2003 Demo of CannonBalls for Nokia 3410/6310i and Siemens M50/MT50/C55 has been updated to the site. download free mobile games

News 2002

08-10-2002 New Screen shots of Color version of BricksMix for Nokia 7650 devices have been updated on the website. This color version is the first J2ME color game released by ZGroup Mobile.

04-10-2002 ZGroup Mobile has released CannonBalls. Now the game is available for all Siemens and Nokia b/w mobile phones. A MIDP version is also available. Soon a color version will be available for Nokia 7650, 7210, Motorola T720, and SonyEricsson P800.

18-09-2002 ZGroup Mobile has released DefendBase for SL45i, M50. Now the game is available for all Siemens and Nokia mobile phones. A MIDP version is also available.

10-09-2002 Early Screens shots of: CrazyLines, Zolitaire, CannonBalls, and BricksMix. The games are in their final stages.

07-09-2002 Three games are to be released soon: CrazyLines, Zolitaire, and CannonBalls. 

15-08-2002 ZGroup Mobile has released it's first game DefendBase for Nokia devices 6310i/3410.

01-08-2002 ZGroup has released an alpha version of zMoviePlayer's converter. The converter can be found along with the midlet in the download section.

28-05-2002 ZGroup has released a demo version of its first application zMoviePlayer. The released demo works on SL4xi mobiles and can only read .mrd files stored on MMC.