Our portofolio of games include more than 180,000 games on different platforms such as Android, Java, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian. The games are distributed in many categories such as action, arcade, adventure, sport, puzzle, board, racing, strategy and many more.

Most games use the main features of the phones such as gyroscopes, camera, touch screen, bluetooth. We also have a catalog of online multiplayer games plus bluetooth multiplayer games.

Most of our games are available in multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese. We also have some games in Russia, Arabic. We offer a different catalog for Chinese games. Using our mLocalization solution we can localize any game between two languages immediately. Whether the game is on Android, Java, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or iPhone then we can localize the game from binaries.

Our games are available for distribution on mobile network operators or handset manufacturers. We have already customized several games for handset manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Motorola and LG. Our games were embedded on several devices in US, Brazil, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and several other countries.

We classify games into several categories such as Premium, Branded, Gold, silver and Bronze. Branded games are those based on movies, celebrities, sport figures and other famous brands. Premium games are high quality games for core gamers that are addictive, offer great graphics and great gaming experience. Gold games are high quality games that are not available on the latest handsets but still offer a great experience on older handsets. Silver and Bronze are lower in quality. Our huge catalog of games allow us to offer games on different terms; some of which can be given for free to your end-users so that you can attract user's attention

We have also developed more than 200 mobile games in Arabic and those are being distributed by many operators in the middle-east and north Africa.